portping is a small network utility to continually test connection to a TCP port. It has been tested on Debian GNU/Linux and Windows 10, but should work on others.


Version 1.7.5 was released on 2021-03-31.


     portping -- continually check if a TCP port is open

     portping [-p port] [-t] host

     For the host and port specified, portping will repeatedly attempt to open
     a TCP socket and then immediately disconnect.

     The arguments are:

     -p port
             The TCP port number to test.  It will default to 3389, for Remote
             Desktop Protocol.

     -t      Set the terminal title to host (useful when testing multiple

     host    The hostname or IP address to connect to.

     If the port is open an exclamation mark (!) is printed, and if the port
     is closed a period (.) is printed.

     portping -t -p 22 unix-server

     portping windows-server -p 3389

     In 2013 I needed a tool to let me know when I could restart RDP sessions
     to multiple Windows servers when installing updates in bulk.

     Ping would tell me when the network interface was up, but it could still
     be another few minutes before I could log in.  portping was born from
     that frustration.

     Anthony Perkins <anthony@acperkins.com>.

     Sometimes ports will be reported as down for one or more pings, even if
     the service is not down.

     Sometimes the terminal title is not reset to the previous value.

     This tool is intended to be a rough indicator, and should not be used to
     monitor service availability.

Copyright © 2021 Anthony Perkins