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ISO 8601 locales for Linux

I like the ISO 8601 date format, but none of the main English locales fully support it. This repo patches some of them to use that format.

The keys I'm changing are as follows:

d_t_fmt       "%FT%T%z"
d_fmt         "%F"
t_fmt         "%T"
am_pm         "";""
t_fmt_ampm    ""
week          7;19971130;4
first_weekday 2

The format commands %F, %T, and %z come from strftime(3).


The following packages are required to build these locales.

Fedora Linux

sudo dnf install glibc-locale-source


Running sudo make install will install the files into the appropriate places in your filesystem.

Feel free to check the Makefile to ensure it is not doing anything unexpected.

Note that this will overwrite your operating system's locale files. Updates to glibc or associated packages may revert these changes. If that happens, simply run sudo make install again.